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Hiroshima survivor Abdul Razak dies at 88
    In 1945, a technology turned deadly. It could obliterate the world and has been man's scariest nightmare since. Attempts to control it has not been too successful despite more than 150 countries having signed the Comprehensive [Nuclear] Test Ban Treaty, including Malaysia recently.

    Throughout 1995- 1996, a series of nuclear tests were conducted near Mururoa Atoll in South Pacific. Again in May 1998, similar nuclear tests were conducted in the South Asia, further threatening humankind.

    It is time for us to take stock of the situation by recounting what happened in Hiroshima, at 8.15 am, August 6, 1945.Abdul Razak Abdul Hamid, the only Malaysian to have survived the mass killing as a result of an Atomic Bomb explosion reminds us of his unforgetable experience. Below are some of his recollections.

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  Articles in our database: 16 records
   He survived the Hiroshima horror
  - The New Straits Times - August 7, 2009
 By: Sager Ahmad
   Never again, says atomic blast survivor
  - Source: The New Straits Times: March 11, 2007
 By: Malina Jeya Palan
   A Holocoust Crystalised
  - The Star ,Tuesday, August 29, 2000
 By: Ng Kit Yoong
   Hiroshima on My Mind
  - Source: National Post Online: Friday, August 06, 1999
 By: Mary J. Breen
   Life-Long Passion For Japanese Language
  - New Straits Times; Wednesday, October 4, 1995, pg.5
 By: Dazman Manan
   Speech at the Presentation Ceremony
  - Tokyo, Japan, Tuesday, October 3, 1995
 By: Haji Abdul Razak bin Abdul Hamid
   A-Bomb Survivor: Witness to the Flash
  - The Sun Megazine: Sunday, August 6, 1995, pg.4-8
 By: Steven Gan
   Students Reunited After Half Century
  - Daily Yomiuri: August, 1995
 By: Kahori Sakane
   Malaysian A-Bomb Survivor Developed Deep Japanese Ties
  - Japan Times: Friday, August 3, 1990, pg.3
 By: Eiko Ohki
   Hiroshima Survivor's Message of Peace
  - Sunday Star: October 22, 1989, pg.7
 By: Lim Swee Bin
   Painful Memories of A-Bomb Survivor
  - New Sunday Times: October 22, 1989, pg.10
 By: New Sunday Times
   Documentary for Malaysian Schools
  - New Sunday Times: October 22, 1989, pg.10
 By: New Sunday Times
   Victim of the First Atomic Bomb Attack
  - New Sunday Times: August 6, 1989, pg.10
 By: Chiang Siew Lee
   Remembering the Horror of the Atomic Bomb
  - Sunday Star, August 7, 1988
 By: Rema Nambiar
   Atomic Wounds
  - New Straits Times (Leisure Times) - Thursday, August 4, 1988
 By: Fifi Lim
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