This is a closed electronic network for information exchange managed and operated by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Information based at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang; under its terms of reference. It is initiated through and supported by the Western Pacific Regional Office arising from a number of recommendations in meetings sponsored by WHO.

Participation will be based on the following criteria and code for membership to the network*.

  1. Scope and membership
  2. Membership is open to any designated official dealing with drug [pharmaceuticals, biologicals, herbal medicines] information and/or regulatory matters with the Ministry of Health, and also those approved not-for-profit nongovernmental organizations in member countries.

    Matters that could be discussed will primarily be those affecting Rational Drug Use, Drug Supply Management and Drug Regulatory Affairs. These include pharmaceuticals, biologicals and herbal medicines.

    The information will be provided on "as-is’ basis without any warranties, express or implied, and is subjected to the disclaimer below.

  3. Participants and contact persons
  4. There is no limit to the number of participants from each country who can participate in the network. Each participant will be officially registered with the network. Full particulars necessary for the efficient operation of the network (including designation as in 2) will be required for submission. Any changes will be notified from time to time.

    It is however preferred that at least one person from each country be designated as the network contact point*. This person should have access to e-mail facilities on a regular basis and will be responsible for further dissemination of information at the national level by whatever means. All designations will be done officially with agreement between WHO and the sponsoring body.

  5. Rights and responsibilities
  6. All participants have equal rights and opportunities in communicating issues through the network. As such, the question of ethics and etiquette in communication must be strictly observed. There should not be any breach of any confidential matters discussed over the network.

    All matters posted on the network will be the responsibility of the participant concerned. Similarly the responses to these matters from other participants involved. The information must be brief and concise, and signed by the participant/sender indicating name, affiliated organization and email address.

    A possibility has been envisaged to allow contributing participants to remain anonymous for others in the network, except the moderator (see below). This can be done with agreement of the moderator who will then keep the contributor’s signed information confidential.

    The responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the network is a collective one involving all participating individuals and the representing organizations.

  7. Moderation and Disclaimer
  8. The network will be moderated by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Information, Penang, and the Regional Adviser in Pharmaceuticals, Western Pacific Region. Other moderators will be appointed from time to time with agreement between WHO and the sponsoring body.

    The network has the following Disclaimer:

    The information exchanged other than official announcements from WHO does neither explicitly nor implicitly imply the expression of any opinion of WHO, its representatives and/or the network.

    The mention of specific companies, manufacturers, products, practices or policies does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by WHO and/or the network unless stated otherwise. No information from the network can be used for the purposes of promotion and solicitation with respect to WHO and/or the network.

    The network contain information about certain laws, regulations and health/medical conditions and practices. The information is not meant to be a substitute for the legal, technical and health/medical advice provided by the appropriate professionals in any one country.

    At no event shall WHO, its representatives and, the network and its registered participants be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential and other damages arising out of access to, use of, or the inability to use, or the errors in the network, and/or the information contain therein.

  9. Others

Any changes or modification to the above will be notified through the network.


*Based on the revised Appendix 1 in the Draft proposal for Electronic system of drug information exchange in the Western Pacific Region