INDICES E-mail List

The INDICES (International Network of Drug Information Centres) e-mail discussion group is an electronic conference for drug information practitioners. It provides a forum for discussion of issues pertaining to the establishment and running of drug information services and centres. This facility is provided free of charge by Healthnet, USA.

E-Drug is an electronic conference for health professionals to share information in the field of essential drugs. Subscription details can be found at


  1. If you wish to subscribe to the INDICES list send an e-mail message to:

    The message should read: subscribe indices [followed by your email address]

  2. The group is a moderated list. This means that all messages are initially sent via the Healthnet computer to a volunteer moderator. Messages are checked for appropriateness, edited if necessary, and then sent to the entire list.
  3. To send a message to the list, send it to:
  4. Similarly if you wish to respond to a question or comment send your message to so that everybody participates in the discussion.
  5. To unsubscribe send a message to:

It should read: unsubscribe indices [followed by your email address]