Chain Letter
Web Poll: How Should We Pay for Our Healthcare ?


Dear Friends:

Citizens' Health Initiative (CHI) and Aliran are conducting an internet poll to solicit the public's views on how Malaysians should pay for their healthcare in the years to come. If you wish to register your views, please go
to the following website address:


where you can vote your preference with anonymity. The five options which are listed there, in abbreviated form, are spelt out below in greater detail:

Please choose only one response when voting:

  1. I am willing to pay more taxes if the government could ensure reliable healthcare of quality which is widely available to all. Government healthcare needs to be re-invigorated with infusions of personnel, finances, and most importantly, efforts to boost staff morale and motivation.

  2. I prefer to purchase private medical insurance to cover myself and my family members.

  3. I am satisfied with free or subsidised healthcare benefits from my private sector employer.

  4. I prefer a publicly-operated National Health Insurance Fund (financed by contributions from employers, employees, self-employed and govt) which will pay for essential healthcare for all. (Patients could choose public or private healthcare, and the institutions would be re-imbursed in accordance with standard fees schedules. Excess charges for services not covered would be borne by the individual).

  5. Other preferences, or comments please email to:

After you have voted at the website poll, please forward this chain letter to four other friends/colleagues/relatives who collectively fulfill these criteria:

  1. at least one public sector employee, at least one private sector employee, at least one self-employed person

  2. 2 persons of different gender than yourself

  3. 2 persons with an age difference 15+ years relative to yourself

  4. 2 persons of different ethnicity than yourself

  5. 2 persons in significantly different income brackets than yourself

  6. 2 persons who may not share your social/political views or orientation

Feel free also to encourage other family/friends/colleagues who are not (regular) internet users to vote at the website. This poll will run until the end of June 2000.

Thank you very much for your time and kind co-operation.

Citizens' Health Initiative
email :
website: chi.html
June 1, 2000