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Essential Drugs

UNCTAD X: Thai call for self reliance on drug production
International Trade Agreements and Public Health: WHO's Role
US to consider poor countries' need for drugs
Excerpt of MMA-PhAMA Dialogue Report on NEDL
Conference: Increasing Access to Essential Drugs in a Globalised Economy
Going Generic and Bringing Health to All
Essential Drugs in Malaysia
Patient's Charter in Malaysia
Action Programme on Essential Drugs (DAP)
Applying the Essential Drugs Concept
Charter for equity in essential drugs
Essential Drugs
Essential Drugs: Looking back and exploring the future
Essential Drugs Monitor
How essential is an essential drugs policy?
Access to essential drugs (Medecins sans Frontieres)
Essential Drugs: Selected Policy Documents
Access to essential drugs (Medecins sans Frontieres)
Drug wastage and utilization study [in Malaysia]
Tenth WHO Model List of Essential Drugs


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