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April 2002

Lung Cancer Drug Shows Promise, April 10,  2002

HIV Vaccine Testing Under Way In Texas, April 10,  2002

Parents Claim AIDS Children Are Dying Due To Shortage Of Drugs, April 10,  2002

Imclone Releases Positive Data On Controversial Cancer Drug, April 9,  2002

U.S. Drug Giant Opens Plants To Make Hormone Replacements, Baby Formula In Singapore, April 8,  2002

Aspirin Lowers Colon Cancer Risk, April 8,  2002

Meningitis C Vaccine Is Cost Effective, April 5,  2002

Rheumatoid Drug May Prolong Life, April 5,  2002

Widely Used Arthritis Pills May Be New Treatment For Cancer, April 5,  2002

Pharmaceutical Industry Developing 256 Agents To Fight Infectious Diseases, April 5,  2002

Marijuana's Impact On Intelligence, April 2,  2002

Emergency Birth Control Maintains Low Profile, April 2,  2002

Allergan Awaits FDA Botox Approval, April 2,  2002

Hormone Replacement Therapy May Be Associated With Increased Ovarian Cancer Risk, April 2,  2002