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prn8099 Number 30, October 2000


Nothing but the BEST

PRN ties up with Planet Connections

2- Phenylphenol - PRN Laboratory Consultancy Services

Review on - Digoxin Poisoning including CECT

Essential Oils and its effect in poisoning

prn8099 Number 28, June 2000

PRN tracks tobacco media ads

Poison Centre ties with Veterinary Institute in mass production of animal vaccines

Thiabendazole - PRN Laboratory Consultancy Services

Review on - Pyrethrins and Synthetic Pyrethroids Poisoning including CECT

prn8099 Number 27, April 2000 including CECT

Company's Internal Memos: Asia Targeted for Tobacco Smuggling Activity

Web-based PestInfo

Analysis of Diphenylamine

Review on -  Exposure of Pesticide Among Women Estate Workers 

WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

prn8099 Number 26, February 2000

Information - The PRN way

Follow-up Project on Lead Exposure in Sabah (Phase III)

Project on Lead Exposure in Pre-school Children in Johor (1999 2000)

Analysis of Hydroquinone

Review on Lead Poisoning including CECT