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prn8099 Number 6 February 1996

PRN1995: Defining Moments
Review of Benzodiazepine Overdose (including CECT)

prn8099 Number 7 April 1996

PRN Recognised For Its Societal Contribution
PRN Joins the Cyberspace
Review of Rodenticide Poisonings (including CECT)

prn8099 Number 8 June 1996

Breaking Out Of The Food `Poisoning'Chain
Review of Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose (including CECT)

prn8099 Number 9 August 1996

Linking Tobacco To The Dadah War
Review of Glyphosate Poisoning (including CECT)

prn8099 Number 10 October 1996

Poison Prevention Through Quality Information
Review On Organochlorine Insecticides (including CECT)