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prn8099 Number 11 February 1997

1996 - Something to Chew On
Review of Cyclic Antidepressants Overdose (including CECT)

prn8099 Number 12 April 1997

Heeding The `Smog' Signal About Lead Poisoning
Review of Lead Toxicity - Part1

prn8099 Number 13 June 1997

Restricting The Use of Plastic Packaging
Review of Lead Toxicity - Part II (including CECT)

prn8099 Number 14 August 1997

A Genie Named `Paracetamol'
Review of Paracetamol Poisoning

prn8099 Number 15 October 1997

Our Rights to `Clean' and `Salubrious' Air
Review on Adverse Effects of Anti-Obesity Drugs (including CECT)