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prn8099 Number 25, October 1999

Enhancing Quality of Drug Use
Review on Study of Drug Wastage and Utilisation at the Community Level
Y2K & Health
Five Levels of Rational Use

prn8099 Number 24, August 1999

Treading Slowly with Viagra
Review on Sildenafil Viagra including CECT


prn8099 Number 23, June 1999


The Control of Dioxin versus Tobacco - Why the Double Standards?

The 'Die' or 'Sin' Story

Review on Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCBs) and Dioxins including CECT

Comparative Hazards Between Dioxin and Tobacco
Incineration Technology: A Burning Issue


prn8099 Number 22, April 1999


Culling Pig-headness
DATA SHEET: Ribavirin

Review on Anti-Parkinson's Drug Toxicity including CECT

Viagra Arrives on April Fool's Day


prn8099 Number 21, February 1999


Debugging the Environment

UN to Consider Ban on Toxic POPs

1998 A Rewarding Year for PRN

Persistant Bioaccumulative Toxic Chemicals: More Public Info Needed

Review on Poisoning Involving Lithium including CECT

Protecting Against Mosquito-borne Diseases

A Position Statement of the United States Pharmacopeia