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Archive Poison News: April 2009
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   Camphor poisoning
  - The New Straits Times, April 28, 2009

  Chicago (U.S.A) - Doctors are warning parents to avoid using imported camphor products after poisonings in several children in New York. The alert, reported in the May issue of the journal Pediatrics said three toddlers suffered seizures in January last year but recovered after treatment. They had either eaten camphor products, inhaled camphor or had it rubbed on them as cold remedy. The products included folk remedies, pesticides and air fresheners.  

   Death for ‘curry killer’
  - The New Straits Times, April 22, 2009

  Tokyo (Japan)-A woman who in 1998 killed four people and poisoned 63 with arsenic-laced curry lost her appeal against a death sentence. The country’s top court rejected an appeal by Masumi Hayashi, a 47-year-old mother of four, against the sentence that was handed down by a district court in 2002 and upheld by a higher court in 2005. Hayashi was convicted for mixing arsenic into curry served at a community festival in 1998, killing two children and two adults in the Wakayama prefecture. The bizarre case gripped Japan and led to a rash of copycat poisonings.  

   US finally recognises carbon dioxide danger
  - The New Sunday Times, April 19, 2009

  Washington (U.S.A) - The US government has declared that carbon dioxide and five greenhouse gases is a danger to public health and welfare. The declaration means cars, power plants and factories will now face much tougher pollution limits.

The declaration is a reversal from the former Bush administration, which resisted such a conclusion because it feared changes to meet new emission limits would be costly for companies and could dent the national economy.

This is the first time the federal government has said it was ready to use the US Clean Air Act to require power plants, cars and trucks to curtail their release of climate-changing pollution, especially carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels.

   Asbestos payout for dead woman
  - The New Straits Times, April 14, 2009

  Sydney (Australia) - A deceased woman has won nearly half a million dollars in compensation based on her claim that 20 years of washing asbestos-laden clothes gave her cancer. The Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia awarded the woman. A$ 550,000 in her suit against a building materials giant.  

   Food poisoning: Second vctim in coma
  - The Sun, April 8, 2009

  Singapore (Australia)- A second Singapore woman has gone into a coma after suffering acute food poisoning a day after the fist victim’s death. The 59-year-old woman is in a coma at a local hospital after eating from a od stall last week. Another victim, a 38-year-old expectant mother lost her two-month old foetus in a miscarriage caused by a serious bout of diarrheoa and bleeding brought on after eating the same food. According to a news report, more than 110 people have been treated at Singapore’s six main hospitals for food poisoning after eating from a particular stall which is now under investigation.  

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