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Archive Poison News: February 2009
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   Kiss of death from mum to newborn
  - The Star, February 28, 2009


London (England) -  An 11-day-old baby died after her mother unwittingly infected her with a virus which causes cold sores, probably through a kiss or breastfeeding.  An inquest found the newborn died after being infected with the Herpes Simplex virus (HSV).  The virus had attacked the baby’s major organs and she died within days. 

The coroner said, the baby’s mother probably caught the virus late into her pregnancy, most likely for the first time in her life, which caused her not to have developed an immunity, nor her child.  She was said to have fallen ill with flu-like symptoms a few days before giving birth, and was treated for several mouth ulcers.


   Two sentenced to death for snack bar poisoning
  - The Star, February 25, 2009


Beijing (China) -   Two migrant workers in Shenzen convicted of poisoning food at a snack bar in which two diners died and 61 others sickened have been handed the death sentence.  The poisonings which happened a year ago arose from a business dispute.


   Tainted pork sickens at least 70 people
  - The Star, February 24, 2009


Beijing (China) -   At least 70 people in China fell ill after eating pig organs contaminated with an illegal weight-loss drug.  All the victims suffered from stomach pains and diarrheoa after consuming the tainted pork.  Investigations showed the suspect pork bought from local markets was contaminated with clenbuterol, a drug often given to people to treat asthma but also commonly used to cut body fat. 

In China, there have been recorded cases where clenbuterol were given to pigs to reduce their fat but it is a banned food additive as it can be fatal for humans.  One of the worst cases involving clenbuterol occurred in Shanghai in 2006 when 336 people were hospitalized after eating pig meat or organs contaminated with the additive.


   Graphic picture have made many smokers quit
  - The New Straits Times, February 21, 2009


Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) -  Graphic warnings on cigarette packs have helped smokers in the country to quit, said Malaysia’s health minister.  Pictures showing the devastating  effects of smoking on health had also deterred young people from taking up smoking.  The minister said his ministry will continue to place advertisements highlighting the health impact of smoking to encourage the country 3.5 million smokers to give up the unhealthy habit.   Malaysians puff around 30 million sticks a day.  Many of the smokers are between 15 and 25 years old.

From March 1, all brands produced by cigarette companies in Malaysia will be required to carry the graphic warning and from June 1, there will be a total ban on the sale of cigarette packs without graphic warnings.

More non-smoking zones will be gazetted to further curb smoking


   Smoker’s widow get US$8mil
  - The Star, February 20, 2009


Fort Lauderdale (Florida) U.S.A -   Cigarette giant, Philip Morris, has been ordered by a jury to pay US$8mil in damages to the widow of a smoker who died of lung cancer in a case that could set a standard for some 8,000 similar Florida lawsuits.  The six jurors deliberated over two days before returning the award for Elaine Hess, 63, whose husband Stuart Hess died in 1997 at age 55 after decades as a chain smoker.

The Hess case was the first to go on trial since the Florida Supreme Court in 2006 voided a US$145bil class-action jury award in the so-called Engle case, by far the highest punitive damage award in US history.


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