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Archive Poison News: June 2009
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   Obama finds it hard to fully quit smoking
  - The Star, June 25, 2009

  Washington (U.S.A) - US President Barack Obama who is publicly struggling to quit smoking, said he still hasn’t completely kicked the habit even after signing a law this week that will likely set tough new rules for the tobacco industry. Obama, who took up the habit when he was eighteen or so, said he is 95 per cent cured but admitted there were times where he messed up. He is no longer a constant smoker and does not light up in front of his children and family.

Nearly 20 per cent of Americans smoke and tobacco use kills about 440,000 people a year in the United States due to cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other ailments.

A new tobacco law signed at the White House just on Monday gives the US Food and Drug Administration the power to strictly limit the manufacturing and marketing of tobacco products.

   Dioxins woe
  - The Sun, June 23, 2009

  An American study reported that environmental pollutants could cause women to have trouble breastfeeding or producing enough milk.

Researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Centre in New York believe that exposure to pollutants at different stages of pregnancy have an impact on milk production. Their study is based on a 2004 discovery that dioxins – toxic compounds that accumulate over time in the environment and build up in living tissue – affects the development of mammary glands during pregnancy.

Experimenting on laboratory mice, the researchers found that dioxins affected the developments of rapidly-changing breast tissue by halting the natural proliferation of mammary cells as early as the sixth day of pregnancy and lasting halfway through the pregnancy. It was also noted that mice exposed to dioxins had a 50 per cent reduction in new cells involved in milk production and subsequently could not nourish their offspring.

Humans are exposed to dioxins primarily through meat, dairy products, fish and shellfish – the toxins settle in fatty tissues and natural elimination takes place very slowly.

   Lethal brew kills 25
  - The Star, June 3, 2009

  Denpasar (Indonesia) - Twenty-five people including four foreigners died after they drank methanol-laced palm wine on the Indonesian island of Bali. A local man has been arrested for allegedly making the lethal concoction with methanol – a toxic chemical often used as an antifreeze or solvent – instead of ethanol found in alcoholic drinks.  

   Cocaine found in energy drink
  - The New Straits Times, June 3, 2009

  Hong Kong - Traces of cocaine have been found in cans of Red Bull sold in Hong Kong supermarkets. Officials at the Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety reported that a laboratory analysis found tiny amounts of the illegal drugs in samples of Red Bull Cola, Red Bull Sugar-free and Red Bull Energy drink. The drinks have been removed from supermarket shelves even though the amount of cocaine present posed little danger. The traces were between 0.1 and 0.3 microgrammes per litre.  

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