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Smoking and Islam
Government ‘Has No Plan To Prohibit Smoking’
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Source: December 28, 1995

KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. – Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said today the Government has no intention to prohibit smoking but will consider extending the current ban on smoking to other areas.


The Prime Minister said it would be good if smoking was banned altogether.


“But we don’t know whether we can”, he sid, adding that he was in favour of extending the ban on smoking to certain areas as the habit did not benefit anyone.


  “It even poses a health risk … You won’t die if the smoke does not get into your lungs. But if it gets into your lungs, you get cancer”.


Dr. Mahathir said this when asked by reporters to comment on the move by the Selangor and Kedah fatwa committee which recently ruled that smoking was haram.


The fatwa committees of four other States – Terengganu, Perlis, Malacca and Kelantan – are studying the matter before making their decision.


Dr. Mahathir said there were also ulamak who smokes, adding the Government would like to see the people develop an attitude that resisted smoking instead of prohibiting smoking altogether.


“I don’t smoke and therefore, I have no problems if the ban is extended to other areas”.


He said smoking was a total waste of money, a useless indulgence and that inhaling the smoke did not make one full or healthy.


“It was not nice …  So, I feel it will be better if people do not smoke.


“But it would be hard to get people to cultivate the non-smoking habit. We have made dadah abuse an offence but then there are still people who use dadah”.


The current ban on smoking covered public areas such as air-conditioned restaurants, cinemas, hospitals and public transport.

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