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The Malaysia National Poison Centre (NPC) based in Universiti Sains Malaysia was established in 1994 as a consultation centre for drug and poison information and poisoning management. In 1998, it earned an additional role as the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Drug Information (Western-Pacific Region) for its services and contribution in the arena of health. In 2001, another function was added to the NPC when it was commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation, New York, to set up a Clearinghouse for Tobacco Control (C-Tob) to support tobacco-control activities in the Southeast Asia region.

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Mission & Vision

Our Vision
Nurturing Health

Our Mission
To reduce mortality, morbidity, cost and occurrence of poisoning

Core Value
Excellence, Compassion & Innovation

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Monday - Friday
8.00 am - 10.00 pm : +604 6536 999

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8.00 am - 5.00 pm : +604 6536 999

National Poison Centre
Universiti Sains Malaysia
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