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Documentary for Malaysian Schools

Source: New Sunday Times
             October 22,1989, pg.10

The Malaysian Historical Society, Federal Territory, will dub a Japanese documentary based on the experience of a Malaysian student during World War II into Bahasa Malaysia and English. 

The documentary describes how the student, Haji Abdul Razak Abdul Hamid, survived the Hiroshima bombing and its aftermath. 

The Society's honorary secretary Drs Hanapiah Sudin said the project would be carried out with help of RTM and the FT Education Department. 

He said the documentary would be shown to schools around the country to education students on the horror of nuclear war. 

"We aim to teach the present generation to appreciate peace and harmony and to hate wars and destruction," he said at the "Ceramah Tun Dr Ismail" at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka today. 

The documentary, "Hiroshima in My Heart", was made by the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation in 1987. 

It is based on the experience of Haji Abdul Razak, 65, who is believed to be the only Malaysian survivor of the 1945 bombing. 

The lecture was organised by the Society and the FT Education Department.



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