Heavy Metal

Lead poisoning affecting young children and expectant mothers are associated with retarded mental growth and behavioural problem in children. PRN has used its expertise and available sources to conduct a number of studies on products or areas where high lead levels have affected the health of its population. Evidence from the study findings were collated and conveyed to the relevant authorities for remedial action. The followings studies were the efforts of PRN

1996 – Study on lead poisoning in pre-schoolchildren in the West Coast of Sabah (Funded by the Sabah Foundation).
1998 – Study on lead exposure in pre-school children in the district of Johor Baru (Funded by the Johor Foundation).
2000 – Study on lead exposure and its relationship with behavioural problem in children (Funded by Ministry of Health).
2001 – Study on lead exposure and IQ in children in the Western Coastal area of Sabah (Funded by the Sabah Foundation).
2003 – Determination of lead level in stationery (Funded by the Ministry of Health)

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