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Superbac Warrior

Superbac Warrior is an interactive multimedia game with topdown shooter game genre. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Earth is uninhabitable and infested by bacteria. Humans are forced to fight for survival in the outer space, isolated in space ships. Throughout the game, the player may achieve points collectively based on their ability to shoot bacteria zombies and make the right antibiotics resistance-related decisions.

At the end of each level of the game, the player’s knowledge about antibiotics resistance will be tested through a quiz, at which correct answers will earn them more points to their final score. Their total score will be counted, and their performance will be graded accordingly (A, B, C and so on).

This game aims to stimulate the player into challenging themselves to beat their previous score which will reflect their knowledge and awareness about antibiotics resistance.

Health information such as hygiene, prevention of infection and antibiotic use incorporated into the game to make learning more fun and enjoyable. Because Superbac Warrior focuses on antibiotics resistance, health literacy on the safe use of antibiotics is attainable.

Age target: 7 to 18 years old

Platform: Windows PC




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