GErMiE - Germs Eradication Mission for Education

About GErMiE

Introducing GErMiE, the ultimate game for fun and educational adventures in the world of health, antibiotics nd antimicrobial resistance (AMR)! Join us on a thrilling journey as we invite you to explore the immersive gameplay of our game-based learning app.

GErMiE offers a safe and captivating environment for both classroom and home settings, ensuring an enriching experience for kids aged 7 to 12 (though enjoyed by many).

Project Details

GErMiE is developed to support global and national agenda to slow the emergence of antimicrobial resistance bacteria (AMR) especially among children.

This game app is aligned with sustainable development goal 3, 4 & 17 (SDG 3, 4, 17) and Malaysian Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance (MYAP-AMR) 2017-2021.

GErMiE aimed to teach the target player on how to prevent and avoid spreading infections through simple tactics.

The game content incorporates three important domains - (i) health related information, (ii) good hygiene and (iii) importance of consuming antibiotic rationally and safely.

Genre role-play game (RPG),
educational and adventure

Suitable for children aged 7 to 15 years old,
although it is enjoyed by many

Technical Expert Opinion*

We conducted playtesting on GErMiE with game experts from various countries around the world online on 10/4/2023

I can imagine how it would indeed be an excellent game for younger audiences who lack all the information and knowledge that this game could provide.
Male, 19 Years old (Portugal)
This is a very interesting theme for an educational game to take on and I'm intrigued to see it addressed.
Female, 29 Years old (USA)

How to play?

Embark on an exciting quest alongside Mr. Adam, a young health officer dedicated to building a safe and healthy community in Aman Land. With your help, practicing good hygiene and responsible antibiotic usage can lead to the creation of a harmonious and thriving society.

Explore the Environment

Take a tour of the game's vibrant and interactive environments. Look out for collectibles like nutritious food that contribute to a healthy body.

Keep the surroundings clean

Clean the Area. Remember, a clean environment is crucial in preventing the spread of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.

Answer Quiz at the End of Each Level

After completing each level, put your knowledge to the test with an engaging quiz Answer questions correctly to earn points and determine your total score.

Unlock New Levels and Challenges

As you progress through the game, new levels and exciting challenges await you. Each level presents unique theme and mission.

So, gear up, explore, clean, and answer quizzes to become a true GErMiE hero in the quest for a healthy community!

Key Features


Consist of 8 levels and mission centered on various
health aspects that promote a healthy community.

Attractive graphics & animations

Attractive graphics, realistic animations represent
local culture and living styles.

Decent dialogues & NPC

Decent dialogues and non-playable characters (NPC) to
enhance the game experience

Engaging game mechanics & rules

Enhance motor, logical thinking and decision-making

Interesting sounds & music background

Reinforce emotions and provide additional game world

Data collection

User demographic and intangible data are collected via
API calling for analysis and improvement.

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