About PRN

Empowering Health and Safety - National Poison Centre in Reducing Poisoning Risk Since 1994

The National Poison Centre (Pusat Racun Negara) was set up in 1994 culminating on the services provided by the Integrated Drug and Poison Information Services (IDPIS), Universiti Sains Malaysia since 1982. IDPIS had evolved from several research activities carried out towards strengthening the health care services, particularly in the areas of information technology and informatics. It was aimed at auditing health information as well as upgrading and strengthening the handling of drug and poison information directed towards health and allied professionals as well as the lay public.

Our Vision

"Nurturing Health"

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce mortality, morbidity, occurrence and cost of poisoning in a manner that strives for excellence, compassion and innovation.

Our Core Values


To act as a team of professionals in order to deliver efficient and effective services


To uphold the well-being of our customers, especially the victims of poisoning, by offering assistance in a compassionate and sincere manner


To be proactive and creative in pioneering programmes towards sustainable development of a healthy individual and nation

Our Strategies

By aligning with our mission in order to:

  • Articulate issues of public health ; concern
  • Disseminate objective, balanced and accurate information in promoting rational drug use
  • Reduce the risk and the occurrence of poisoning
  • Encourage optimum treatment of poisoning cases, by:
    • providing information on poisons and advice in poisoning cases
    • conducting research and documenting poisoning incidences
    • coordinating and conducting poison awareness and prevention education;
    • carrying out analytical tests and interpretations of laboratory results

Poisoning Emergency/ Information

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