Toxicology Laboratory Unit

Established in 1995, The Toxicology Laboratory Unit main objectives are:

  1. To provide support services in poison identification, management and prognosis of poisoning cases.
  2. To be involved in surveillance programs for community with risk of poisoning.
  3. To collaborate with government and non-government agencies in developing analytical methods.

The Toxicology Laboratory was accredited with MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in 2011 by the Department of Standards Malaysia which is recognized internationally.

It is also listed as a Private Laboratory under NPRA for Sibutramine Screening analysis and was awarded as an Excellent Laboratory by the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry since 2016.

"..awarded as an Excellent Laboratory by the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry since 2016."

Laboratory Services

Laboratory ServicesLaboratory Services
Ujian Penyaringan
Ujian Penyaringan Ubat untuk Kesihatan Lelaki
Ujian Penyaringan Agen Pelangsingan Badan
Ujian Penyaringan Agen Pemutih dalam Kosmetik
Ujian Penyaringan Kumpulan Kortikosteroid
Ujian Penyaringan Ubat-ubatan
Ujian Penyaringan Ubat-ubatan yang Tidak Diketahui
Ujian Penyaringan Ubat Antidiabetik
Ujian Penyaringan Ubat Kolesterol
Ujian Penyaringan Racun Makhluk Perosak
Ujian Penyaringan Racun Tidak Diketahui
Ujian Penyaringan Hormon
Ujian Penyaringan Nikotin
Profil Bahan Kimia
Profil Bahan Kimia menggunakan GC-MS (Gas-chromatography mass spectrometry)
Ujian Kuantitatif
Ujian Kuantitatif Kandungan Nikotin dan Kotinin
Ujian Penentuan Kandungan Logam Berat
Ujian Sitotoksisiti
Ujian Anti Keradangan
Ujian Mikrobial
Ujian-ujian lain mengikut permintaan

Poisoning Emergency/ Information

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