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The Superbac Warrior Game is a mobile educational Android game app which is designed to stimulate players to learn important healthcare issues such as hygiene, infection prevention and rational use of antibiotics. This game which focuses on creating awareness about AMR related issues is suitable to be played among school children aged 10 to 17 years old, with an estimated playing time between 40 and 50 minutes. 


The goal of this game is to educate players and simultaneously increase their knowledge and awareness regarding AMR issues.


The development of the game is proposed based on the following game world content: 

Antibiotic resistance is portrayed as a persistent worldwide challenge associated with high morbidity and mortality to human. Multidrug-resistant bacteria have increased at an alarming rate over decades and have caused serious health problems. Therefore, the game “Superbac Warrior” is designed to educate the players about these issues. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Earth is uninhabitable and infested by bacteria. Humans are forced to fight for survival in the outer space, isolated in spaceships.  

Throughout the game, the player may achieve points collectively based on their ability to shoot bacteria zombies and make the right AMR-related decisions. At the end of each level of the game, the player’s knowledge about AMR will be tested through a quiz, at which correct answers will earn them more points to their final score. At the end of the game, their total score will be counted, and their performance will be graded accordingly (A, B, C and so on). This game aims to stimulate the player into challenging themselves to beat their previous score which will reflect their knowledge and awareness about AMR.

There are six levels stipulated in this game which address six health components including:

  • Importance of practicing good hygiene
  • Do not misuse antibiotics
  • Do not share your antibiotics with other people
  • Do you need antibiotics?
  • Incomplete course of antibiotic
  • Do not overuse antibiotics

 Expected Outcome :

  1. Increased interest and participation among school children to learn more about AMR.
  2. Increased awareness regarding safe use of antibiotics among school children.


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